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Newly Engaged?! Congratulations! 

With planning every intricate detail for the wedding of your dreams, it's important to hire a Makeup artist that will deliver the perfect Bridal look you've always envisioned! With many years as a Bridal Artist & Licensed Esthetician, I've acquired the knowledge to help educate my brides on proper skin prep, and have honed in on the skills and techniques needed to ensure your camera ready for your big day! 

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It's an absolute MUST that you should look and feel like your absolute best self on your wedding day!


Photography: @Brooke.crouch



Photography: @Brooke.couch

Touch up kit:


After party touch up kit:

Includes Q-tips & tissues for the Happy tears, powder puff to set any oils, a mint for a refresh and one more application of lipstick choice.

Available for Bridal Party

Hourly Touch up:


Needing someone to freshen you up after you walk down the aisle and shed a few happy tears? Don't stress, I got you, again!

I will stay on location to provide any needed touchups and re-apply lipstick for you and your bridal party.

(Email for more details)

A la Carte


  • How early should I book my Makeup artist?​​

The sooner you book your artist, the better! Typically people starting booking their artist anywhere from 6-12 months in advance. The longer you wait to book your artist you want, the likelihood of that artist being available is slim.

  • What are some things I should look for when booking my artist?

​​Great question! Here are some tips when ensuring you are booking the artist who is good for you. Ensure their makeup style fits the style you are going for or your personal makeup style. If you’re wanting a full glam but keep looking at artists who only does softer, natural looks. That person might be able able to deliver the look you want and vise versa. Diversity! Ensure they are capable of working on all skin tones. Lastly, It’s crucial that your artist is communicative with you leading up to your wedding day and that they have a contract. Please read through your contract with your makeup artist. This is super important for both parties involved.

  • How early should I book my trial run?

 I’d say book your trial run 2-4 months in advance or during the off season which is typically during the winter time. This allows your artist to make any recommendations to your skin care regime and also recommend any facial services to help prepare your skin for your wedding day!

  • Do you travel outside of Colorado?

Yes I sure do! Please inquire and we can chat details!

  • Do you have an early morning fee?

Absolutely! If services are needing to start before 8am or before normal business hours, there will be a one time fee of $50.

  • Do you hire a second artist for larger wedding parties?

Yes! If your wedding party exceeds my max of 6, I will hire a second artist which results in a one time Second artist fee of $175 added into the total.

  • Do you have to be licensed in order to do makeup? 

     Yes! In the state of Colorado, you do have to be a Licensed Esthetician or have a Cosmology license in order to perform makeup services.


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